The Return Of The Blonde

The Tiesto concert was around the corner. MM calls me up, out of the blue.

MM: Hey!

Me: Hey! 

MM: Listen, do you think that I can still get tickets to the concert?

Me: Yeah sure, my friend has physical passes. I can hook you up with him.

MM: What are those?

Me: Ummmmm, physical tickets…You know, tickets…

MM: I got the tickets part, but what is this physical?

Me: Never mind, I’ve a DJ friend. I’ll hook you up with him. He can help you.

MM: Hey! Even I have DJ friend. Maybe I’ll go with him!

Me: Errrrrrr…. Sure. What ever makes you happy! 

the fuck is wrong with you


O Canada!

At a house party, a bunch of PYT’s were chatting among themselves.

PYT#1: Hey, did you hear about blah blah?

PYT#2: Yeah, I heard she’s relocating?

PYT#3: To Caneda apparently! 

*I walk upto them*

Me: Hey girls! What are you all chatting about? 

PYT#1: Hey, did you hear about blah blah?

Me: No, what about her? 

PYT#1: She’s moving to Caneda. There’s a huge Punjabi community there. Her entire family is relocating. 

Me: You mean Canada?

PYT#2: Dude! That only! Caneda – Canada, same thing! 

Me: Errrrr……

picard facepalm meme 4chan lol wtf