Son, That’s The Devil’s Music!

Once a month, I take my parents out to dinner or lunch, whatever works better for me. No place fancy, either a place like Huckleberry or Herbs & Spice – you get the drift. My dad prefers that I drive, so that he can drink in peace without having to worry about getting caught for a DUI. Like all dads, my dad loves commenting on everything and offering advice that I don’t need.

Dad: You mind driving a bit slower. You might damage your suspension. 

Me: Chill, besides I’m super hungry.

Dad: I hear an ambulance, move to the left lane and let it pass.

Me: I don’t see anything in the mirror.

Dad: It’s behind us, I can hear the siren. 

Me: Ummmmm. you might wanna have your glasses checked. 

Dad: My hearing is perfectly fine! You mind turning the music down, then you might hear it too! 

(I dial the volume knob down)

Me: Still can’t  hear anything!

Dad: Oh wait! That was your music! 

Me: Dafaq!