More Power To You!

I was at the local franchise of Five Star Chicken, picking up some dinner for myself. There was a bit of a wait, but thank god, there was only one  guy infront of me.

Random Guy: I’d like two pieces of Crunchy Masala Chicken.

Chicken Guy: That’ll be 84 rupees , sir.

Random Guy: 84! The menu says that it’s 39 rupees per piece. So two pieces should be 78 rupees! 

Chicken Guy: Sir, taxes not included in the price.

Random Guy: Where it does say that!

Chicken Guy: Here! 

*Points at the menu card which explicitly mentions that local taxes are added to the mentioned price*

Random Guy: I don’t want to pay tax! 

Chicken Guy: Errr…

Me: Yay! More power to the common man! Yeah, screw the system! Yeah, f*** the government! 

*What I thought was a murmur under my breath, was actually shouted out pretty loud. Loud enough to catch the attention of nearby shoppers*

*Chicken Guy and Random Guy give me a look as if I’d just escaped from the loony bin*

Me: Errr, I’ll have whatever he’s having. I’ll pay the taxes too!

(So much for being anti-authoritarian)


PS: Their chicken is really good. If you’re in Bangalore, try them out!

PPS: No, I’m not being paid to advertise them. Though it would be super cool.