Like A Stone

CG and I were craving cupcakes and we decided to head to the local bakery for a quick bike. We bought a couple of chocolate chip muffins. However, I can’t say anything complimentary about those muffins.

CG: What do you think about those muffins?

Me: Meh! It’s ok. Nothing great. You?

CG: I hated it. It tasted like crap.

Me: C’mon, It wasn’t that bad. It was… It was like a…

CG: Stone?

Me: Huh?

CG♫ In your house I long to be,

         Room by room patiently,

         I’ll wait for you there like a stone! ♫

Me: Dafaq was that? 

CG: Like a stone, get it? Like-A-Stone!

Me: Good God. You just trolled me, didn’t you?

CG: Payback’s a Bitch!