Death By PJ – 6

CG: Guess who’s the most hated footballer?

Me: Cristiano Ronaldo?

CG: Dude, it’s a PJ…

Me: Oh.. Lord…

CG: C’mon guess!

Me: Sigh… I give up!

CG: Ruud’ van Nistelrooy!

Me: KMN!

picard facepalm meme 4chan lol wtf


You’ll Never Walk Alone!

We’re all talking about the ongoing EPL.

CG: Man, Manchester United is killing it! The points difference between them and Manchester City is like 15 points!

BR: And Arsenal and Chelsea are nowhere in sight! 

CG: Last season was heartbreaking for Manchester United but this season is theirs! 

BR: Yeah man. By the way, did you catch Arsenal vs Bayern Munich last night?

CG: No man, Arsenal lost I suppose? 

BR: No, they actually won but they were kicked out of the tournament because of the away goal aggregate.

CG: More heartbreak for Arsenal fans…

BR: They should be used to it by now, they haven’t won the premier league in ages…

CG: Sigh, poor souls… Well, atleast there’s always Liverpool


CG: Errrr, I think you mean YNWA? You’ll Never Walk Alone?

Me: Same thing!