The Ultimate Weekend Timepass!

I finally got a weekend off! Only Sunday, that is. It was one of those weekends where I didn’t want to go out. So, I decided to spend Sunday at home with my roomies, CG & MS.

What did we do all of Sunday? Got baked, watched a couple of movies : District 9, Dark Shadows & Looper. Watched some American Dad and finally started watching House MD, season 8.

But IMO, the best part of this weekend was when we would pause whatever we’re watching, play some Booker T & MG’s and ask each other what was happening.

Start Scene

(Pause VLC player. Play ‘Green Onion’ by Booker T & MG’s and they as they say in the internet lingo, the rest was epic)

Me: So guys, whats next?

(MS & CG  laugh so hard that their sides start aching)

MS: Man! Where’d you find this song?

CG: Dude? For real? 

End Scene. 

It was still funny when I repeated that about two hours later and then two later again after that.

Sigh, I got the weekend blues…