Is Rock dead..???

Here ‘s another post from my old blog (This is the last one, I promise you). This one’s about the lack of good rock bands in the recent music scene.

Is Rock Dead..?? (Original Publishing Date: 25.09.2008)

I am hardened ROCK fan. All you ignorant people out there, Metal (or Metchul) is NOT ROCK. Anybody walking around with a guitar doesn’t automatically become a ROCK STAR. A POP video with guitars and drums doesn’t automatically become a ROCK VIDEO.

I’m a music addict. Like those people who’ll go mad if they don’t have their quota of crack, I’ll go mad if I don’t have my 30 mins of rock everyday. Lets see why I started liking rock so much. It’s the attitude, the fun, the love of music. I was into the Backstreet Boys, ‘N SYNC and stuff but it was Blink-182 with their punk music about a ignored generation that opened my eyes. Then the rest followed – Korn, Limp Bizkit (I know they’re alt metal bands, don’t think about arguing with me about music), Matchbox Twenty, Dave Mathews Band……….

But where are they now…..???? Korn is into Industrial Metal now…Limp Bizkit is crap ever since Wes Borland left the band… Dave Mathews..??? Where are thou…???

Now to the bands which are making it big now…. Plain White T’s….Death Cab For Cutie…and so on…..ADULT ALTERNATIVE!!! POP PUNK….???? WTF man..???? PUNK IS PUNK…!!! IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE IN YOUR FACE MUSIC!!! YOU CAN”T MIX IT WITH POP!!!

Metallica is back with their highly anticipated album, Death Magnetic, which fails to arouse even a slightest bit of interest…. What happened to the band which made awesome albums like THE BLACK ALBUM, LOAD, RELOAD…the list goes on…. Now Alice In Chains And Stone Temple Pilots are gonna be back to revive the GRUNGE genre… After all, PEARL JAM with their latest album showcased how their ‘back to grunge’ sound is…its no better than the kazillion mainstream bands coming up…..

So question is…. IS ROCK DEAD….???? Its seems like so…. New bands taking the poppy route and old ones are just letting their Labels take charge of their creative control…..Its time to stick it to the man!!!!!

Look at this , even mainstream Hindi Movies are taking a leaf out of rock!!!! and I’m someone who looks down on them and I think some of the new tracks based on rock is pretty good… Look at ROCK ON!!!, the songs may not be avant grade but sure are catchy…..

Even i’m seriously considering about composing dance tracks..ala The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers……..hey girl….hey boy..superstar dj…here we go..


Headbanging For Dummies!

Here’s another one of my old posts:

Headbanging For Dummies….(Original Publishing Date: February 12th, 2009)


Recently I was at a concert where the Swedish Heavy Metal / Progressive Metal band, Opeth played at IIT-M‘s Saarang 2009. The concert was nothing short of spectacular. Opeth had played over two hours of unadulterated Heavy Metal..

What was disturbing was the crowd of idiots who were present at the show. They had no idea about which song or what kind of music was being played. Never in my life,  have I seen people whistling, clapping or running around imitating a train when a guitar solo is being played. Such an act insults the great institution that is Heavy Metal

For the benefit of the people (idiots) present there, I give you:



#1. Stretch your neck well before you start to head-bang  This is of supreme importance. If you do not warm up, you can find yourself in traction quite quickly. Start by performing gentle head rolls. This means you roll your head slowly from side to side. Then grab the top of your head with one of your hands and pull gently in the opposite direction. Repeat toward the other side. Make sure you feel good and loose.
#2. Nod your head gently as the music starts to play. There is plenty of time to head-bang. Start slowly to make sure you are truly warmed-up.
#3. Increase the motion of your headbanging. As the music quickens, nod your head with greater range back and forth. Harder and faster is the key here.
#4. Swing your head all the way down to your waist and then back up again. Continue this in a circular motion to really rock out to your favorite music or band.
#5. Don’t run around like a jackass. Listen to the music instead of running around or clapping.3Cheers.. \m/\m/

Is Chivalry Dead…???

Here’s an old post that I wrote back in college. Back then, my blogs were more angst-ridden and anti-establishment (You get the drift). Though I used to whine back then too, it wasn’t funny.

Anyways, for your reading pleasure, I give you:

Is Chivalry Dead…??? (Original Publishing Date: October 30, 2007)

Imagine this scenario:  A man walks out of a building. As he goes out of the main door, he doesn’t notice the lady following him and slams the door on her face. The lady (poor lady) shakes her head and mutters to herself, ‘Chivalry Is Dead!!!’ Well, I beg to differ! I strongly believe that chivalry is alive and kicking!!
It’s just that since you ladies are so into that pro-feminism thing, we don’t know if you would cherish such small acts of courtesy.
My theories are:
1) Some son-of-a-bitch gave you ladies a hard time and tarnished the image of all men, thus proving to you all that chivalry is dead. (You actually believed it!!!)
2)You’re with the wrong guy! (Dump him fast!!!!)
3) Wrong place, wrong time (Hehe… Your fault!!!)
Now imagine this. A man walking out of a building, holds the door open for a lady following him. She stops and looks at him, probably shocked.
These thoughts are probably running through her head:
1) Wtf?????
2)What does he want???
3)Why the act of courtesy???
4)He’s trying to make a move on me..!! Perv!!!
5)Did he think that I needed help with that door..??? No thank you!!!
And meanwhile in the guys head: ‘Oh my god… This seems  like a bad idea, maybe I should have just walked out.!So see you ladies, chivalry still exists! Just give us guys a chance and PLEASE DO AWAY WITH THE ATTITUDE. IT SUCKS. WE AIN’T THAT JOBLESS TO HIT ON YOU ALL THE TIME. WE’RE JUST BEING CHIVALROUS. Hehehe……loggin off….!

PS: I apologize for the insane no. of ‘????’, ‘!!!!!’ and ‘hehehehe’. Back then I used to think that it was pretty ‘cool’. Looking back at that blog now, I can see why it wasn’t as popular as I’d thought it would be.