CG and I were watching House M.D. and the conversation shifted towards a common friend who had just returned from Moscow after completing his M.D.

Me: Dude JJ just finished his M.D. 

CG: Yeah, I heard. 

Me: Because he did his undergraduate in Moscow, he got awarded a M.D degree. In India its called M.B.B.S. 

CG: Yeah, so?

Me: So, his visiting card / office door would read Dr. JJ, M.D. That’ll be so cool! Just like House, M.D!

CG: Seesh!

Me: Guess what does M.B.B.S stand for?

CG: Master of… wait… Bachelor of…. Ummm… Bachelor of Medicine?

Me: That’s not it! Guess again?

CG: Master of something and Bachelor of Medicine?

Me: It’s an undergraduate course. Masters wont appear in the title.

CG: What does the M.B in M.B.B.S. stand for?

Me: Master of Bastards! 

(I start rolling on the floor, laughing)

CG: Damn! Why is this so hard?

Me: Fine! It’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. 

CG: Then it should be B.M.B.S! 

Me: Yeah, that sounds lame. So they reversed the first two letters. Now, M.B.B.S. sounds way cooler!

CG: Did I just…….. get trolled?! Dafaq!