Overheard at the local Quiznos.

Boy – 19 years old. Busy fiddling with his Iphone.

Girl – Probably the same age. Busy playing with her hair.

Boy: Hey, did I tell you that there’s this new chick who’s after me?

Girl: Who’s that?

Boy: That girl from my class, Blah Blah. 

Girl: Oh her? Really?

Boy: I don’t really like her. See her pic. She’s got a fat nose. 

Girl: Yeah dude, she’s got no class.

Boy: Check out this girl. She’s interested in me too. And so is this one. 

Girl: Wow, Chick #3 is hot. 

Boy: Yeah, but I like them both. May I can date them both. 

Girl: Yeah, you could do that. Sounds like fun.

Boy: Also did I tell you that I went to this club yesterday and the bouncers thought that I was 28.

Girl: Hehehe. So stupid those bouncer people are!

Boy: Yeah man, I was like, ‘no way man! I’m 19! But they wouldn’t believe me.

Girl: Awwww, you poor thing.

Boy: Maybe because I’m so tall and good looking, they thought that I was older.

Girl: Totally! I can see that. Hehehehehe!

Me: Morons! F!@#ing Morons! KMN!