You Don’t Say!

CG is a pig when it comes to cleanliness. (Sorry Bro, but you know that’s the truth). And I’ve been trying to get him to clean his room for about a year now.

*I enter his room*

Me: Dude, when was the last time you changed your sheets?

CG: Haven’t done it yet. 

Me: Huh? How many times have you changed your sheets after moving into this house?

CG: That’s what I said! Haven’t done it yet. 

Me: Oh god! How are you still alive?

*I give his bedsheet a nice whack and a thick layer of dust rises* (I’m not making this up!)

Me: God save us all!

CG: Whatever….

*I open his wardrobe next*

Me: Man! Is something dead in here!?

CG: Quit making stuff up!

Me: It smells like a zoo in here!

CG: Oh please! It’s just my unwashed clothes.

Me: Why are they in the wardrobe? They should be in the laundry basket!

CG: Yeah yeah yeah! I’ll put it there!

Me: Alteast put a freshener or something in here!   

CG: Jeez! What am I, an aristocrat or something? 

Me: You wish!

*Next, I open his table drawer*

Me: Why is your toothbrush and paste in your drawer?

CG: I don’t know. I just keep it there.

Me: And there are cigarette packets in there, and some change and your comb! 

CG: Yeah so?

Me: And you put that thing in YOUR MOUTH!

CG: Dude! Stop nagging! You ain’t my girlfriend!

Me: You don’t say!

CG: #facepalm  


Aftermath: I’m afraid to enter CG’s room without a hazard suit!


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