A Situation Called Awkward

My friend SV, thrives on awkward situations. Especially with his colleagues. It’s fun to watch him, as long as you’re not on the receiving end.


SV: Hey man, where’s that hot friend of yours? 

Me: She’s sick.

SV: Of?

Me: Errrrr…..


*At lunch time in his office*

Female Colleague: Lets go!

SV: Yeah, lets go have a quickie!

Female Colleague: Errr, you mean lunch?

SV: Yeah, that too….

 Female Colleague: Errrrr….


*At his office*

Female Colleague: I’m done!

SV: With life? With him? With society? With the government? 

Female Colleague: My work, smartass! 

SV: Don’t take it out on me, blame the man! 

 Female Colleague: Ahhhh! That doesn’t even make sense! 

SV: Hey, when you look this gooood, nothing has to make any sense! 

Female Colleague: Ahhhh!




10 thoughts on “A Situation Called Awkward

  1. May be you SV needs to be put at the other end…. I think then he’ll stop 🙂 (BTW, I did that with my bro and it cured him from asking awkward questions to me in front of my friends ;))

      • When my bro’s friend was visiting him, I told his friend that my bro was sick and not ill, and I told him that in front of my bro….I don’t want to go into what his friends made of that statement but that’s the last time my bro ever butted in my conversations.

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