Are You Smart Enough To Be In The Mensa?

We’re all eating breakfast.

MS: Did you read the paper today?

Me: Which part?

MS: A three year old kid has just got into the Mensa. He’s got an IQ of 135!

Me: Hmmmmm….

MS: To put things into perspective, I’m 24 and I have an IQ of 137. This kid is 21 years younger to me and has the same IQ as me!

Me: I see…., I wonder what do these kids do once they grow up?

CG: They are really smart kids. They start their own companies and stuff. Like app development.

Me: Hmmmmm…

CG: There are two kids from Chennai, who started an iOS app development company. One’s 11 years old and the other one is  8 years old.!

*After 10 mins*

Me: Hmmmmm… I see…

MS: You took so long to say that. You stoned or something?

Me: No, I was just thinking what I was doing when I was 8 years old.

CG: I’ll tell you what I was upto, I was digging my nose! Hahahaha 😛

MS: Dude, you still do that! Buuuuuurrrnnnn!

Me: Hahaha, high five!

CG: Dafaq just happened?



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