Think Before You Speak!

MS calls me up at office.

MS: Dude, where are you?

Me: I’m in office. Why, what happened?

MS: The internet guy is here to collect the payment for the previous month. 

Me: What the f!@# man! I just spoke to them yesterday and they told me that they are going to be closed for the next two days! Bloody hell! I’m in office now and I can’t come home right away! Man, these people are so dumb. Stupid f!@#ers! 

MS: Ummmmmm, you’re on speakerphone. Sorry. 

Me: Errrrrr….

Internet Guy: Sorry to disturb you sir. We thought that we’ll collect the payment today as we’re going to be closed. No issues, we’ll back after two days. Have a good evening! 

Me: Errrrr, thanks. I’ll have the cheque ready for you. 

Internet Guy: Thank you sir. 

*The internet guys leaves*

Me: Dafaq is wrong with you!? 

MS: Yeah, my bad. Sorry. 



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