Errrr, Let’s Change The Topic!

I was talking to my mom about my friend, SM.

Me: Hey Ma, my friend SM has invited all of us over for lunch.

Mom: Who’s she? How come you’ve never mentioned her before? Where does she stay? How’d you know her? Is she single? 

Me: Seesh, relax!  I know her through work. She lives nearby and she’s married and has three tini-tiny kids. 

Mom: Three kids? In this economy?

Me: Yup. Three daughters, aged 3 years, 1½ years and 6 months respectively. 

Mom: Three daughters! Wow! So were the kids planned or was it an accident? 

Me: Ummmm, you know, I don’t ask people stuff like that. 

Mom: Hmmmmm, good point. Anyways, what’s your plan?

Me: About what?

Mom: Getting married! When are you going to have kids of your own?

Me: Hahaha… Good one! Not in this economy. 

Mom: Don’t talk like that! I should start looking for a bride for you! 

Me: Errrr, Let’s change the topic shall we?

Mom: This ain’t over yet! 

Me: Errrrrr……



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