Dude, You’re Kidding Me Right?

Last night, I somehow managed to bang my big toe against the corner of my computer table. The result: half a broken nail and lots of blood. Totally Kill Bill style. Anyways, CG and MS happened to be in the next room and they came to my room as soon as they heard me spewing out cuss words like there was no tomorrow.

CG: Jeez man, your toe looks bad! 

Me: Yeah, it hurts like a bitch too!

CG: You should put some ointment or something on it. 

Me: Nah. I’ll clean this thing up. Yo MS! Pass me some disinfected cotton. There should be some in my dressing table drawer. 

MS: Got it.

Me: Also, get me some Dettol as well. It should be next to the cotton.

MS: Got them both!

*I clean the wound and apply some Dettol*

Me: All done! Now to cover this wound. Hey MS, there’s some micropore tape in my medicine box. Could you get that please?  

MS: Hey, I can’t find any micropore tape but I found some thread seal tape. They are the same thing right? 

Me: You’re humoring me right?

MS: Ummmmm, no…. Why would I do that?

Me: Good god…..



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