The Domino’s Incident

MS and I were, lets say under the influence of *questionable substances* and were in no state to make any logical decisions.

MS: Dude!

Me: Yeah?

MS: Let’s order pizza! From Domino’s

Me: Good idea!

MS: I got a coupon too! Buy one and get one free!

Me: Awesome! Order one pepperoni and one peppy paneer (cottage cheese). 

MS: Sounds like a plan.

*MS finishes ordering*

Me: How much was the bill?

MS: 584 bucks.

Me: 584? Isn’t that too much? I’d thought that it’ll be around 450.

MS: No idea. Must be extra tax. 

Me: Hmmmmm, ok. 

*After five minutes*

MS: Dude! 

Me: What!

MS: I think, we’ve been taken for a ride!

Me: Why?

MS: Tax is about 15% ? 

Me: Yeah…

MS: So the pizza is 370 + 50 + 45 = 465! And the other pizza is free! 

*At this point, all I could imagine was the numbers from that movie, A Beautiful Mind*

Me: Ummmm, ok…

MS: So the tax is 15%. 15% of 465 is 69.75! So the bill must come upto 534.75! Not 584! We’ve been fleeced!

*By this time I was convinced that MS was higher than Mt.Everest. So I got off my lazy ass, did all the calculations and found out that MS was right. Calculating the bill was so intense that all my buzz came down*

Me: Ok, you’re right! 

MS: Let the Domino’s guy come. I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind!

*Twenty minutes laters, the Domino’s guy arrives and hands me the bill*

Me: Dude.

MS: Yeah?

Me: You’re such a dopehead!

MS: Why?

Me: The bill was 534.75 all this while! You heard wrong!

Me: Oh, oops… My bad.




2 thoughts on “The Domino’s Incident

  1. LOL…..I have friends so cheap or maybe more lively than me…They wait for 30min to strike and then 10 more min as grace period…After 40 min its free pizza aandolan!

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