Let’s Just Agree To Disagree!

Me: Dude, did you get my forward?

CG: No. Don’t think so. Which forward?

Me: The one with the funny pic. 

CG: Nope. Haven’t got it.

MeLet me check your inbox. 

CG: Sure.

Me: So many mails. Seesh, your inbox is in a mess.

CG: F*** that. Anyways, how do you find unread mails?

Me: Here, click here.

*Gmail separates read and unread mails*

CG: Coo! No mail with funny pic among the unread ones. Let me just search for ‘funny pic’.

Me: No way. The search is useless. I give up! I’ll resend it. 

CG: Oh, wait. Here it is!

Me: How’d you find it?

CG: I just searched for ‘funny pic’ and voila! The mail appeared and see it’s still unread.

Me: Then why did it not show up in the unread mails section?

CG: Because you send such shitty mails!

Me: Yeah, right!

CG: Let’s just agree to disagree!

Me: Dafaq did you just say?



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