To Pee Or Not To Pee?

MS, CG and I were watching Russell Peters.

Russell Peters: When you’re showering with a partner and you have to pee, step out of the shower, pee and step back in. 

(Not exactly what he said, but you can watch the whole thing here.)

CG: Jeez, why would you pee in the shower?

MS: Dude, it’s awesome man. Imagine you’re taking a hot shower and you feel like peeing, just let go and do it. You’ll feel really good. Like really good.

CG: Ummmm, no thanks! I don’t wanna do a self golden shower! 

MS: Dude, it’s awesome. It’s like being an animal. You don’t care and go pee all over the place. The freedom to pee is exhilarating.

CG: Ummmm, a) No Thanks! b) It’s disgusting! c) If I’ve just finished washing myself, why would I pee on my myself? Then I’d have wash myself all over again.

MS: So in that case, you can step out, pee and step back in.

CG: Wouldn’t it just be easier if I stepped out in the  first place?

MS: Chill dude! There are exceptions to the rule! 

CG: Yeah, right. Exceptions for peeing while taking a shower! 

Me: Can we PLEASE change the subject? I’m trying to drink some Mountain Dew here! 

CG: I second that! 

MS: Meh! Lightweights! 

CG: Errrrrr….. 



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