Bitch Please!

I’m a big fan of Suicide Girls. You might ask why. Well, I LOVE goth chicks, I LOVE chicks with ink on their skin and a few piercings here and there doesn’t hurt either. But lets not digress into my fetishes. Anyways, as any fan would do, I decided a hang a poster dedicated to Suicide Girls on my wall. There was a tiny problem though, I didn’t want to go through the embarrassment of getting a poster printed which had naked tattooed goth chicks on them while the guys at the printing shop give me disapproving looks. So I decided to get a classy poster instead. I opted for the minimalist poster style and I found one that I liked.


The poster was framed and was hung on my wall for everyone to admire.

Walks in my good friend NM, who’s a big fan of my poster collection. He looks at my latest addition and gives it his look of approval and then drops the bomb.

NM: Dude…?

Me: Yeah?

NM: So this SG, does this you know, like stand for Spice Girls

Me: B*tch Please! Suicide Girls man! That’s the stuff!

NM: Phew! I was beginning to think that you’ve gone soft! 

Me: Dafaq!



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