Sh*t Just Got Real…..

LKB and I go way back. We were roommates at our college hostel and also shared a flat when we moved out from the college accommodation later on.  LKB is a super fun guy, always game for some mischief or the other. At parties, just give him a few rounds of Vodka and prepared to be entertained through the night. Our conversations, under the influence of certain *questionable substances* would be so retarded that passive listeners would wonder if we could be certified as morons, legally. You know, like Steve Carell from that movie, Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy.

Excerpts from one of our most EPIC conversations.

LKB: Dude?

Me: Yeah?

LKB: Have you noticed that most South Indian women have long hair?

Me: Yeah……

LKB: Like really long! I mean, Jesus! (LKB is a not so devout Catholic boy) It’s so long that it hangs below their butt!

*I’m rolling on the floor, laughing*

Me: Yeah, I know.

LKB: Have you wondered what happens when they go to the loo?

Me: Errrrrr…. Number 1 or number 2?

LKB: Number 2!

Me: Ok, so what about it?

LKB: Well, their hair is so long, that they’d have to wrap it around their necks like a scarf so that it doesn’t touch the water!

*I’m laughing uncontrollably*

LKB: Think about it! Imagine if their hair touches the toilet water before they flush!

Me: Ewwwww….

LKB: Dude! What if they have to go to an Indian style loo?

*By this point, my sides are aching, aching real bad*

Random Guy listening to our conversation: Dafaq is wrong with you two?

LKB: Sh*t just got real man!

Random Guy: No sh*t, you dope!

the fuck is wrong with you


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