Stahp Right There!!!

Meet my friend BV. Most people who’d meet him, would describe him as a moron. But not me, no sire no. I was always intrigued by his child-like sense of wonder and always pondered whether or not he was dropped on the head as a child.

Scene #1

BV: What’s with that you’ve got with your roti?

Me: That’s a lemon wedge.

BV: Why you have that? 

Me: To mix it with dal.

BV: Why?

Me: Because it tastes good.

BV: Why?

Me: Errrr….

Scene #2

*Walking down the street on a sunny day*

BV: Dude!

Me: Yeah?

BV: Why you sweating?

Me: Ummmm, because it’s sunny?

BV: But I thought people don’t sweat in Bangalore?

Me: Ummmm, It’s summer and we’re out in the open.

BV: But people don’t sweat in Bangalore right?

Me: Errrrr…..

Scene #3

*Eating lunch the local McDonalds*

BV: What’s that you’re eating with your burger?

Me: Fries.

BV: Fries? Interesting. What are they made up of?

Me: Potatoes.

BV: Wow. Sounds good. What are you dipping them in?

Me: Ketchup.

BV: Why?

Me: Because it tastes good.

BV: How?

Me: Errrrrrrr….



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