The Circus Is In Town!

CG, MS and I consider ourselves as pretty cool* individuals. *The ‘coolness factor’ is subjective. We’re known around our apartment complex as the young strapping lads and we ensure that people notice us whenever we make an appearance at the events organized by our residential complex. We were all under the impression that we’re the blue eyed boys of this residential complex, until one day it all came crashing down…..

Our friend GM was in town and we had asked him to stay at our place during his visit. All visitors need to report to the security booth at the apartment entrance and inform them which apartment they are visiting, after which they can proceed towards the apartment.

Me: Hey GM! Wassup Bro? How you been?

GM: I’m good dude! You?

Me: Meh! Can’t complain. So did you have any trouble finding the place?

GM: No man. It was pretty easy and the security guys were really helpful too.

Me: Good to hear that.

GM: Oh, by the way, Why are you guys called The Circus House?   

Me: Say what?

GM: The Circus House. When I told the security guys which apartment I wanted to visit, they were like “Oh, so you are going to the circus house?”.

Me: Dafaq!


Aftermath: I give the security guys a nasty look every time I pass by the security booth.


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