The Agony Aunt (Not!)

I hate it when people crib about their problems to me. I mean, everybody has issues to deal with! So buck up, face the issue like a man or just start a blog and bug the people on the internet. When CG decided to confide in me, well as you can guess, that was a BAD idea.

CG: Dude, you know what my problem is?

Me: No! Stop right there! Your problems are f***ed up man! It’s like your problems f***ed each other and had kids! And imagine if those kid problems f***ed each other! Then you’d have some weird-interbred-messed-up-problems! That’s how messed your problems are! So stop right there and the spare me the pain!

CG: Dafaq is wrong with you? You have some deep seated issues man!

Me: Probably…..

CG: Right….. That explains a lot!



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