This Is Sparta!

A close friend of mine, DG, has a kickass pad. He lives in a penthouse that overlooks the city skyline and his place also happens to be our (my friends and I) favorite pad for a house party. DG is a gracious host but puke in his loo and he will rain down hell on you that you’d think you murdered his mom.

Tired of people puking all over his fancy bathroom except in the commode, DG decided to put a DIY poster directing people where to puke and the consequences if those directions weren’t followed. He took a poster which depicted a very popular scene from the Zack Snyder movie, 300.

This was the poster that he used.


DG is a man of many great qualities, unfortunately neither copywriting nor english was his strongest point.

The poster read :



I glanced upon this poster while taking a leak during one of our super-awesome house parties.

Me: DG, This is wrong!

DG: What is wrong?

Me: The poster. It should read ‘Otherwise It’s Sparta’, not ‘Eitherwise It’s Sparta’.

DG: What’s the difference?

Me: Otherwise means, follow the rules else this is sparta. Eitherwise  means whether you followed the rules or not, it’s going to be sparta either way.

(DG stares at the poster with deep thinking eyes)

DG: Hmmmmm. What did you say the word should be?

Me: Otherwise. O-T-H-E-R-W-I-S-E.

DG: What did I write?

Me: Eitherwise. E-I-T-H-E-R-W-I-S-E.

DG: Same thing! C’mon!

Me: Dafaq!



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